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Below are sample presentations/workshops or Keynotes that are available. All can be aligned to Common Core State Standards.


Digital Citizenship and The Common Core

As we move through the 21st century, we are becoming more and more connected to the digital world where relationships, work, and activities are happening online.  Student’s lives are parallel to this, but are they holding the same values and ethics as we do when it comes to online behavior and use?  Come find out what it means to be a true digital citizen and what type of resources are available to schools, parents, classrooms, and the larger community that promotes digital citizenship.

A Paperless Classroom with Google Drive

The Paperless Classroom concept has been around for years and has gained momentum with the advent of tools which enable us to utilize resources in a responsible manner. See first hand a practical application of tools that will allow you to create your own “paperless classroom”. From information dissemination, collaborative assignments, drop boxes, record keeping, testing, digital portfolios and technology sharing will be demonstrated and discussed in this session. Tools used are from the suite of Google Applications available free to all instructors.

iPads for Student Engagement and Effective Personalized Learning

Tablets are taking schools by storm. Learn how to teach effectively with iPads/tablets by accessing apps to research, organize, and create content to engage all types of learners as well as how to turn your iPad into an interactive whiteboard for direct instruction.  From digital storytelling and augmented reality to effective research and note taking, tablets can make your classroom very interactive. Learn how.

Video Clips in the Classroom

Locating quality video clips can be very difficult and time consuming.  Learn about the variety of tools online that can help you quickly find videos of interest, and made specifically for teaching and learning.  Sites will include TeacherTube, SchoolTube, the Khan Academy, as well an effective way to download YouTube videos to make it easier to show the videos you want without trying to stream the video or bypass any school filters. 

Simulations, Models, and Lesson Plans with Verizon Thinkfinity

Verizon Thinkfinity offers comprehensive teaching and learning resources created by the most respected organizations in each academic subject and literacy. The easy-to-navigate K-12 resources are grade-specific and are aligned with state standards.  Learn about this free resource and locate some quality learning tools for your classroom.

Self-Grading Quizzes, Surveys, and Digital Writing Prompts with Google Forms

Google Forms provides you with free survey software and the ability to create or adapt existing surveys.  Learn how to create your own self-grading quiz and survey.  Also, learn how to search the template gallery of surveys, assessments, and reflection scaffolds.


Interacting and Sharing through Blogs

Blogging allows for 24/7 access to learning and resource sharing through an easy-to-use, interactive platform.  Learn the basics of blogging and interacting with others.   Also read other educators’ and classroom blogs to see how to utilize these open communicative tools to engage your students and parents.

Searching the Web can be  Fast, Fun, and Accurate

Sometimes it can be very difficult to locate resources in a timely manner on the Internet. Google search after Google search can result in irrelevant links.  Google provides you multiple ways to search including displaying images, news articles, custom searches, and more.  Learn all about the variety ways to search effectively on the web.

Digital Storytelling: Telling Stories with Images and Videos

Learn about free and easy-to-use video creation software, allowing you and your students to upload images and video to create a story with text and music.  Learn how to use these programs in the classroom so students can create stories and reports relating to the content at hand and walk away with professional looking videos. 

Engaging Web-Based Presentations with Prezi

Tired of the same old PowerPoint Presentations?  Prezi is a presentation tool that allows for you to create a non-linear presentation and show relationships between text, images, and video.  You have the options of zooming in and out.  Learn about the tools and how it can be used to engage students.

Creating Multimedia Posters

Use the web to assign projects that involve creating virtual poster walls that include images, audio, video, drawings, and more!  Students can create representation of content using the poster to make it fun and they have the ability to also share it with family, friends, and more!

Talking Avatars using Voki

Voki allows students to design a character online.  They have options of how the character can speak whether students type in text, speak text through a microphone, or use a telephone to record their message.  Students can summarize content, give speeches and much more!

Digital Media and filmmaking in the Classroom

Digital media and video production are engaging, project-based, and effective tools to assist students in mastering content. Teachers will learn the process of digital filmmaking from collaborative storyboarding to video editing and how to tie this into their content areas.